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By Clients

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Kelsie has been doing my hair since she started cosmetology school in 2011. In all of this time, she has never even slightly disappointed me. Her ability to make my idea a reality is her super power! She is talented, professional, and just an overall wonderful human being. She is incredibly committed to her craft, taking numerous courses and always continuing her education as a hairstylist. This really shows her love for what she does. Kelsie keeps up on trends and works hard to keep her clients happy, even working around their schedules. She will go above and beyond to accomplish what her clients are looking for, and anyone would be lucky to sit in Kelsie’s chair!
— Sam M.

I started having my hair done by Kelsie about two years ago, and we instantly hit it off. At my first appointment I immediately felt like I had known her for years, she was so sweet and easy to talk to, and truly talented at what she does! We have done a ton of different colors and styles and every appointment, I leave saying “this is my favorite hair ever!” I never have any doubt that Kelsie understands what I want and the entire appointment is an absolute blast.

Kelsie goes above and beyond for all of her clients and is so hard working, positive, and genuine. I receive so many compliments on my hair and always feel confident and beautiful after an appointment! I cannot say enough great things about Kelsie - I literally recommend her to every one of my friends!
— Monica S.

I had never colored my hair before becoming one of Kelsie’s clients. Not only did she gain my trust to beautify my virgin locks, but with her I have also gone from long, to short, to blonde, to dark brunette. I have never walked away from an appointment feeling less than sassy, beautiful, and more confident than before. Not only did I gain an amazing hair stylist in Kelsie, but I gained an absolutely amazing friend that I trust with just about everything! Thank you Kelsie, I’m your number one fan.
— Anastasia W.

Kelsie Sanford has been my only stylist since 2014. I’ll never go to another salon as long as I live in Nevada. She’s transformed my hair from blonde to brunette, brunette back to blonde, from long to short and helped me keep it healthy to grow back out again quickly! I love getting my hair done in the morning because she finishes the cut/color with the cutest curls and braids so I’m feeling beautiful all day. I always look forward to my next appointment and know if something comes up with my work schedule last minute, she will help me switch around days. She is truly an amazing artist & friend!
— Anne K.

I have been going to Kelsie for my hair since 2013, so I can say without a doubt, that Kelsie is the best hairstylist ever. Kelsie values her clients and always makes sure that their thoughts are heard, and will ensure that you leave her chair relaxed, and thrilled with your hair. Kelsie has my complete trust with my hair; I don’t even go in with ideas anymore, instead I simply tell her that she can do whatever she wants. Simply put, her ideas go beyond any photo I can find on Pinterest and I love it every time, without fail. I am lucky to have such a wonderful hairstylist that I can also call a friend... a friend who makes sure my hair is healthy, and dang beautiful! What are you waiting for? Make her your stylist too!
— Taylor R.

Kelsie is not only THE best hair stylist out there, but she is an exceptional person and friend. I made my first appointment with Kelsie in hopes that she could help me take care of my badly beaten up hair, and I walked away that day with a great friend! She makes you feel beautiful inside and out every time you visit her. My hair is so happy, healthy and more beautiful than ever and it is all thanks to Kelsie!
— Sam S.

I have been a loyal client of Kelsie’s for three years now. From the very first appointment, Kelsie treated me as if she had known me all her life. She has the personality that creates an atmosphere where a hair dresser’s chair turns into a home. No matter how long it’s been since my last appointment, Kelsie can pick back up seamlessly where we left off from our last appointment. In all my life I have never had so much confidence in my hair and that is due to the care Kelsie puts into my hair, and the recommendations and advice she gives me when I’m on my own. Kelsie goes above and beyond what is expected of a hairdresser and I’m so honored to be a client of hers.
— Chandler W.

I came to Kelsie after a three year boycott of any hairstylist/salon and box dying my hair as dark as I could possibly get it. After the first visit she managed to change my entire outlook on hair! From always needing my hair to be as dark as the sky, she turned me into a blonde after about six months of sitting in her chair. Those that have known me over the years can vouch that it must take a ROCKSTAR to not only get me consistently in the salon but to get me to color my hair blonde for about a full year. She even did my hair and makeup along with all of my bridesmaids hair on my wedding day and everyone was blown away with how great everyone’s hair looked and got all six of us done in almost half the time we had planned for it to take! Kelsie is one of the kindest, genuine and positive people I have come across and to have the honor of being one of her clients is a privilege. She does not do anything to your hair if you do not feel 110% about it but also has your hair’s best interest always in mind. She works efficiently, with her whole heart, and when you sit in that chair of hers you may come looking for a hairstylist but you also gain a friend. I love my hang out and hair sessions with Kelsie and I promise you will too!
— Celestina V.

I was referred Kelsie back in 2014 and I could not be more thankful to have found her! When you first walk in and tell her what you want to do, she thinks up a plan quickly and always executes to perfection! My hair has never looked better. Kelsie is always on board with different things I want to try, and I never leave disappointed. She’s taken me blonde, brown, and blonde again - without any damage. Sadly, I no longer live in Reno, and I can’t see her regularly, but I am happy to say I found a life long friend in Kelsie! I always look forward to visiting and having my hair done. Aside from just my hair, I absolutely LOVE my time hanging out to Kelsie. She is so genuine and her salon environment is just unmatched in terms of comfort. Nothing like going to hang with a friend, and leaving feeling beautiful and fabulous! Making Kelsie your stylist is something you’ll be so thankful for- trust me!
— Tara J.

Kelsie is truly one of a kind. Not only is she an amazing hair stylist, but she is also an amazing friend. She is so kind, caring and compassionate and so fun and full of energy. She is very knowledgeable about what she does, and she takes pride in her work. She even takes courses to further her career and is dedicated to learning and becoming even better at what she does. She makes you feel like a goddess every time you leave her chair, so why would you go anywhere else?!
— Tanya F.